Why a Target Audience Is Important for Online Radio Stations

As a beginner broadcaster, one common mistake you’re likely to make is to aim too wide for your audience. Many people might have online gadgets and want to listen to the radio. But for a fact, not everyone wants to listen to you. It’s not like in the past where radio stations were limited in number, and everyone would have to listen to whatever was being said. If you want to lose many prospective listeners, dilute your content to appeal to many people.

Focus on a Target Audience

As mentioned in the opening section, you can’t appeal directly to everyone. You need to use your time and resources on people who will tune into your station. Are you targeting the elderly, the middle-aged, teens, or young children? Determining your target group ensures that you don’t cover topics or play tracks that they don’t know or care about. Ideally, it helps to produce exciting and attractive content that keeps your audience focused on your channel. Do some research and ask your audience what they like to hear. In essence, what topics and music genres are they interested in?

Promoting Your Online Radio Station

Young parents tend to be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure that you promote your radio station on these social platforms and let them know what you have on offer. You can also use online sites that sell parents and kids’ items. For teens, use social sites that are most appealing to them. Consider learning more about Google Ads and SEO on your journey to become a top broadcaster.

Broadcasters and Target Audience

Your broadcasters should also be in the same age group as your listeners. For example, if you target young parents, most of your journalists should be aged between 25 and 40. Let them know that the topics they discuss should centre on the day-to-day activities and challenges of young parents.